*Returning Company Dancers:

Assemble a 60-90 second self choreographed solo to present to judges panel.  

*NEW Prospective Students :

Perform a 60-90 second routine of your choice.

Does not have to be self choreographed. 

The specialty audition will run following the company audition.

Dancers will audition in order of number received upon arrival.


Do I have to audition for a solo, duet, or trio? 

NO, this is not required unless you are interested in the specialties listed above. 

Am I guaranteed a specialty if I audition for one? 

No, there are many factors that we take into consideration prior to selecting solo's, duets and trios. 

What is the purpose of the specialty audition?

The specialty audition is an opportunity for dancers to showcase their ability to perform in an individual setting. 

What age does the specialty audition start?

8 Years Old. 

When do specialties rehearse?

Typically, specialties meet throughout the week or on Saturdays/Sundays. A monthly schedule will be e-mailed several days before the next. 

How many rehearsals do we receive?

We have packages that families can select upon their acceptance.